Who are we?

We are a professional non-profit association that is dedicated to building a testing community that views the role of testing as skilled, relevant, and essential to the production of software products.

We also encourage and promote the use of the principles of context-driven testing to help choose testing objectives, techniques, and deliverables for each specific testing situation recognizing that there are no best practices only good ones in each context.

We value a scientific approach to developing and evaluating techniques, processes, and tools. We believe that a self-aware, self-critical attitude is essential to understanding and assessing the impact of new ideas on the practice of testing.

We are willing to question commonly held beliefs and principles about software development so as to improve the craft of software testing. For example, could it actually be cheaper to fix a bug later in the project lifecycle? Can a test be useful and valid without a predetermined result?

Why Join?

AST was founded with the intention to improve the state of software testing and the lives of testers by raising awareness through events, education, and community. Each member benefits from different aspects of their membership – below are some things you can benefit from as a member.

Member Benefits

  • Professional Affiliation
  • Code of Ethics
  • Industry Activism
  • Community of Professionals
  • Events
  • Education (Black Box Software Testing courses)
  • Discounts and Privileges
  • Blog syndication

Professional Affiliation

By becoming an AST member, you show an affiliation with an organization and people devoted to the discussion of issues in software testing, particularly the philosophy of testing and its practical grounding. Your membership also demonstrates your dedication to improving the practice of software testing both personally and professionally by framing it in the art and science of critical thinking.

Code of Ethics

As an AST member you must agree to a Code of Ethics. By doing so you are demonstrating your support for the principles shared by our members both nationally and internationally in regards to software testing. In addition your agreement with these ethics shows a current or prospective employer your commitment to the advancement of software testing as both a thoughtful craft and a professional, technical discipline.

Industry Activism

As a member you can make a difference in the future of software testing and in its social issues by joining a Special Interest Group (SIG). A SIG is a group of members who share a desire to pursue a specific, significant long-term activity in an area of interest to the Association and the lives of testers. You can be a part of the research, support, and advancement of a cause that you believe is most important in testing. If the topic you are most interested in is not currently addressed, we will help you form a SIG or Committee so you can lead change in that area.

Some examples of topics currently being addressed by Committees:

  • Tester Education
  • Standards and Professional Practices

Community of Professionals

As a member you will be joining a community of some of the best-known, passionate thinkers and practitioners in the business, each of whom considers themselves as much a student as they are an expert.

As a member you will part of an elite and active community of testers who are passionate about the most important challenges in our field and are interested in resolving (or at least improving upon) them. As a member you will be given the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and advance software testing. Through networking opportunities you can discuss and learn more about issues that matter to you.


As a member you can attend our large yearly conference (CAST) or one of our many smaller workshops. While the larger conference is most well known the workshops are historically where many of our industries advancements occurred. The discussions from both events are designed to promote collaboration and produce new content for the testing community to share, framed by a Creative Commons License.

As a member you can discover untold knowledge from both the biggest and the smallest events. Below are some events that we supports or sponsor:


As a member you are able to participate in our critically acclaimed Black Box Software Testing (BBST) online educational series. Each BBST course is 4 weeks in duration, and taught completely online allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world. The purpose of these courses is to gain a deeper level of learning about software testing than what you could find elsewhere. As a student will have the opportunity to practice, discuss, evaluate, review, and provide feedback on not only your work but also other student’s work. This deep level of participation and interaction makes these courses challenging, educational, and unique.

Discounts and Privileges

  • Ability to attend our online testing courses (Black Box Software Testing)
  • Significant discounts for the annual conference (CAST)
  • Preferential placement in training
  • Ability to contribute content and be published

Blog Syndication

As a Regular Member you can have your blog syndicated on our website. This provides additional exposure for your blog and ideas, further advancing our industry. It also provides you a single location for staying current with the most current information from top academics and practitioners.

Slack Channel

As a member you will have the opportunity to join our Slack Channel where you can collaborate, ask questions and generally meet fellow members. You’ll also be privvy to upcoming events and announcements before anyone else!