Who are we?

We are a professional non-profit association that is dedicated to building a testing community that views the role of testing as skilled, relevant, and essential to the production of software products.

We also encourage and promote the use of the principles of context-driven testing to help choose testing objectives, techniques, and deliverables for each specific testing situation recognizing that there are no best practices only good ones in each context.

We value both expertise and hands-on experience. We love the craft of testing and we take a scientific approach to developing and evaluating techniques, processes, and tools. We believe that a self-aware, self-critical attitude is essential to understanding and assessing the impact of new ideas on the practice of testing.

We are willing to question commonly held beliefs and principles about software development so as to improve the craft of software testing. For example, could it actually be cheaper to fix a bug later in the project lifecycle? Can a test be useful and valid without a predetermined result?

Why Join?

AST was founded with the intention to improve the state of software testing and the lives of testers by raising awareness through events, education, and community.

As a member, you’ll join a community of some of the best-known, passionate ;thinkers and practitioners in the business; you’ll get discounts on our conference (CAST) and our training (BBST); and you’ll sign up to our Code of Ethics, a strong platform for great testing.

We’d love you to help us in our work and also get something back for yourself. Check out our full membership benefits.