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Dates Course Title Lead Instructor Status Enrollment Deadline
Feb. 11 – Mar. 09 Foundations 101-CE TBD Cancelled. Feb. 07
Mar. 17 – Apr. 13 Bug Advocacy 200-AK TBD Cancelled. Mar. 13
Apr. 21 – May. 18 Test Design 300-Y TBD Cancelled. Apr. 17
Jun. 09 – Jul. 06 Foundations 101-CF Michael Larsen Register Here! Jun. 05
Jul. 14 – Aug. 10 Test Design 300-Z TBD Register Here! Jul. 10
Aug. 18 – Sep. 14 Bug Advocacy 200-AL TBD Register Here! Aug. 14
Sep. 22 – Oct. 19 Instructors Course ICO-001-Y TBD Register Here! Sep. 18


 For information on earlier courses, see the course archive.