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AST Comments on Online Exams

AST was recently asked for an opinion about online examinations for certification bodies, specifically online Bar Exams.  Our conclusion is that to properly serve their technical and social purposes, online examinations must be administered in a fair and unbiased...

AST Board 2020-2021

The AST Board of Directors Election for 2020-2021 has been completed, and officers have been selected. The new Board will be sat at the fall AST Board Meeting, and will consist of:President: Chris KenstVice President: James ThomasTreasurer: Rachel KiblerSecretary:...

Onboarding remotely during a pandemic – Pair-blog #4

Background In case you haven’t read about my pair-blogging idea before, a short summary from the first post: A while back I asked on Twitter for people who would be up for pair-blogging. The idea was that we agree on a topic and a date and then we each write a post about that topic. […]

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Statement by the Association for Software Testing on Recent Difficulties with Iowa Caucus Tabulation Software

After reviewing reporting on the difficulties with results in the Iowa Caucus, it is clear to the Association for Software Testing that the software project to tabulate votes electronically was not well conceived or well planned. While it is clear that there were...

Guest post: A story about chickens

This is a guest post by Jenny Bramble, Software test engineer at WillowTree, and is a part of a series of guest blog posts from software professionals. The series will run throughout 2020 and cover a number of relevalt topics. Do you want to contribute to the...

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