Targeting Quality 2023 – experience report

One of the biggest perks of my job is being able to travel abroad to attend and contribute to conferences (or run corporate training sessions) every now and then. I mean, seeing foreign countries, meeting new people and getting paid to do so, what’s not to love?

Ideas for creating successful workshops

Recently, Melissa Fisher asked a Slack community I’m in for ideas on creating successful workshops. Community members who are highly experienced in delivering excellent training and workshops shared some excellent tips, and I asked them if I could share them here too. They agreed, so here goes. Training from the back of the room Ahsley […]

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AskAppSec – Input Validation

Input validation is a topic that’s been following me around for years. I’ve came across countless resources speaking about the importance of input validation, or input filtering as it’s called at times. What stuck with me is the recommendation to valid…

Rage Against the Machinery

 I often review and collaborate on unit tests at work. One of the patterns I
see a lot is this:there are a handful of tests, each about a
page longthe tests share a lot of functionality, copy-pastedthe test data is a complex object, created in…