Share what you’ve learned. Experience what it is like to teach with us and give back to the testing community. Work to develop the skills and techniques you need to teach the BBST® Community Track classes for AST, at your company, or independently. Find out what it takes to become a Certified Lead Instructor and join us in providing inspirational training for other testers!

Basic Information

You’ve taken AST’s software testing courses. Now find out how you can get involved in teaching these for AST, for your company, or independently. You’ll learn how the BBST® course developers merged instructional theory and assessment theory to develop the BBST® online instructional model. This workshop satisfies the Instructors’ Orientation Course requirement for prospective AST-certified instructors.

This online workshop will use presentations and hands-on exercises to address the challenges of teaching online with particular focus on the methodology used in BBST®. We accept up to 20 students on a first-come, first-served basis and provide login information for the course about 4 days prior to its start date.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Foundations.

Key aspects of this course include:

  • Course structure and flow of a class
  • Course components
  • Overview of instructor’s tasks
  • Effective communication and feedback strategies
  • Assessments and grading strategies


At this time, the Instructor Course Online is free to all AST members interested in teaching BBST® Community Track online courses.