BBST® Community Track Policy

By taking a BBST® Community Track training course you agree to abide by the policies on this page.


Registration (3 Strikes Rule)

We understand how unexpected events in our personal or professional life can interfere with taking classes and cause students to have to drop out of a class.   However, we have limited capacity in the classes and turn students away for nearly every class.  We therefore have a 3-strikes rule.

Simply stated, if a student registers for the same class three times, but does not complete the course for any reason, that student will not allowed be allowed to re-register again for one year.

If after registering for a class, you realize that you do not have the time to commit to the course activities, you can contact the Course Coordinator ( to be removed from the class.  If you do this prior to the beginning of the class, the class will not be counted towards this registration policy.