BBST Testimonials

This is what our students have said about the Black Box Software Testing courses.

I have indeed been applying things I learned from BBST class while testing specifically developing test strategy and use of Oracles and I believe it has improved the way I create/design tests. I am definitely looking forward to the Bug Advocacy class. – Dhara D.
A good introductory course that covers a range of testing issues. Learning alongside your peers helps you to get even more out of this course. – Peter
For the recent novice or long time practitioner, the BBST Foundations class will show that there is a lot to learn for anyone and everyone in the testing community. The content is excellent, the projects and questions thought provoking, and the learning experience on par with or better than university classes. – Michael L.
This was a good introduction to the practicalities of testing software, rather than a just theoretical list of ‘best practices’ to be memorized. I especially liked the focus on the impossibility of complete testing as I think it is a topic not fully understood by all involved in developing and testing software. – Anonymous
Critical thinking, analysis, and people skills are paramount for people who are involved in developing successful high quality products. The BBST course hosted by AST promotes all of these skills through insightful lectures, clear and concise course notes, on-topic reading, regular exercises, and interactive group work. I highly recommend this course to software testers, and anyone else who truly wants to be a professional in the software industry. – Anonymous
BBST was a tremendous learning experience. The emphasis on learning through engaging, thought provoking exercises with class peers was highly effective in strengthening my comprehension of the content. I look forward to participating in additional courses and recommending BBST to software testing professionals in my network. Anonymous
A valuable course to fresh and experienced testers. – Anonymous
This is a great academic work. It provides both theoretical and practical knowledge that are really needed for more professional work and researches. – Hossam E.
The BBST Foundations is a tremendous course, and I’ll definitely be planning to take the later BBST courses when time allows. Not only is the content absolutely key for any working tester or test manager to understand, but the way the course activities are designed and presented challenge you to develop your skills at explaining your work, at collaborating with others, evaluating other people’s work, and reflecting on your own progress – all key skills for any professional, which are almost entirely absent from most commercial testing courses.– Anna B.
This course approaches software testing with passion and academic rigor. If you want a chance to learn from the best minds in software testing and join in the conversation about the issues and controversies within our profession, this course lays exactly the foundation you need. – Thomas V.
I loved being ‘back to school’ with the course and looked forward to studies everyday. This course stands out in every way, excellent course material which is extremely well structured, excellent study and evaluation techniques. But the most distinguishing factor is having the ‘crème de la crème’ of the industry as teachers, who are so unbelievably involved in your growth and success. This course gives you more than you expect!! – Allmas M.