Sharpen your bug reporting skills with the Bug Advocacy Community Track course. Bug reports are not just neutral technical reports. They are persuasive documents. The key goal of the bug report author is to provide high-quality, well-written information to help stakeholders make wise decisions about which bugs to fix and when.


Bug Advocacy is a challenging course that is extremely relevant to working professionally as a tester. The concepts shared in this class translate to real world improvements that a tester can make to do their job more effectively.” — Dee Ann Pizzica

Basic Information

Key aspects of the content of this course include:

  • Defining key concepts (such as software error, quality, and the bug processing workflow)
  • The scope of bug reporting (what to report as bugs, and what information to include)
  • Bug reporting as persuasive writing
  • Bug investigation to discover harsher failures and simpler replication conditions
  • Excuses and reasons for not fixing bugs
  • Making bugs reproducible
  • Lessons from the psychology of decision-making: bug-handling as a multiple-decision process dominated by heuristics and biases
  • Style and structure of well-written reports

Prerequisite: You must have passed Foundations to be eligible to take this class.

“The BBST® Bug Advocacy course was extremely rich in new ideas for me. I thought I had a fairly good approach to bug management, but the Bug Advocacy course has given me a whole new perspective on how to report and manage bugs.” — Mark Irvine

Learning Objectives

Our learning objectives include the content above, plus improving your abilities / skills to:

  • Evaluate bug reports written by others
  • Revise / strengthen reports written by others
  • Write more persuasively (considering the interests and concerns of your audience)
  • Participate effectively in distributed, multinational workgroup projects that are slightly more complex than the one in Foundations

“The Bug Advocacy course was practical and gave powerful tools and concepts for immediate use at work. Its relevance in testing is immense and the real life exercises used in the course amplify the learning several times over. In Juran’s assessment of quality as ‘Fitness for use’, this course fits the industry’s needs completely.” — Satisfied Student


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