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Our CAST conferences have an atmosphere like no other. Imagine a peer conference at the next level. As a member you’ll get super early bird access to tickets and large discounts.

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AST is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the science and practice of context-driven testing. Joining us enables us to keep on doing that.

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The Black Box Software Testing courses have a reputation second to none for depth and breadth of material. Members get a substantial discount on the cost.

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AST can assist you in launching a peer workshop or meetup. Grant funding is available to help you build community where you are.

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Become a BBST course instructor, present at our webinars, or volunteer to help with our marketing or web site. Members have these opportunities and more.

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Members commit to work according to our code of ethics for personal, professional, and organisational behaviour.

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We have members around the world with expertise in all aspects of testing. Tap into it and grow your network at our conferences and in our Slack channel. You can also read testimonials from some of our members.

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It’s part of our mission to provide content for public consumption but if we do hold anything back, you’ll get access to it!  You’ll also get a free copy of An Exploration of Testers.

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The Association for Software Testing is committed to the creation and maintenance of a diverse and inclusive testing community.

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