There are several volunteer opportunities available for AST Members to get valuable experience, help educate other testers, assist with operations, and otherwise pay forward the benefits of AST. Volunteering involves irregular levels of involvement; we want a healthy collection of volunteers so that no one has to be a hero.

AST members have seen the impact on their careers from being around the community. Now, it’s easier than ever to help provide those opportunities to others.

See something that interests you? Instructions are included in each listing. If you have something else in mind, email us at ideas at association for software testing org.

Current Opportunities

AS3T – Association for Software Testing Technical Team

Work on the next generation of the AST Website. Assist with email, newsletters, CAST, webinars, podcasts, and other technology ventures that can harness your technical skills to create value for AST Members. Read the Blog Post for more.

BBST Instructors

Share what you’ve learned. Experience what it is like to teach with us and give back to the testing community. Work with our course creators to develop the skills and techniques you need to teach the BBST® classes for AST, at your company, or independently.

Requires completing the BBST Instructor Course.

BBST Coordinators

BBST coordinators help the class run smoothly. Coordinators help students register, assist the instructors with setting up classes, and prepare all of the course end and begin information for our students. The only prerequisite for our Coordinator positions is a passion for helping others run some of the best hands-on software testing training available.

CAST Sponsorship Coordinator

This particular request is hoping to locate 2+ people who will manage sponsorship relationships for CAST and other events. We are hoping to build a program to encourage multi-year relationships with interested and appropriate sponsors in order to increase CAST revenue. The work will include designing sponsorship programs, herding exhibitors with deadlines and emails, and providing support at CAST (though you don’t have to attend CAST to participate). There are some restrictions on which organizations we can accept sponsorship from and what AST can provide to sponsors, but outside of these limitations, this is a chance to build something durable that will help AST over the long term.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, or if you have ideas for another way you’d like to volunteer, please email Volunteer at Association for Software Testing dot Org.

Social Media Coordinator

We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even have a Slack channel for members. The problem is we’re not very good about interacting on any of these platforms on a regular basis. This is where you come in, you help us schedule tweets and posts, you might write a few original posts as well. Help us get out in front of our existing audience, provide them with value and hopefully increase our reach.

Webinar Coordinator

We’re building a testing community that views the role of testing as skilled, relevant, and essential to the production of better software. A big part of that is finding and sharing information as webinars. We need someone to find interesting speakers with interesting topics, schedule, promote and then host them. It sounds like a lot of work but it might take a few hours per month.