Board of Directors

The AST is run by members who volunteer as a nominated and elected slate of officers.

For more information see our elections  and past leadership pages.

Chris Kenst, President

Chris has been improving software quality since 2006 and is currently a Lead Automation Engineer at Promenade in Santa Monica, CA. Chris is a Writer, Speaker, Blogger at, and Board Member for the Association for Software Testing. He’s been a Lead Instructor for the AST-BBST courses, hosts webinars and otherwise tries to contribute to the testing community. He also created and maintains an open source list of software testing conferences and workshops. You can find him online most places @ckenst.

Doug Hoffman, Vice President & Conferences

Doug is an independent management consultant in software quality (specialty in software testing). He has been working with computers since the punchcard days and has ancient  BACS, MSEE, and MBA degrees. He has been very active in the testing community, participating in all of the LAWST workshops, a founding member of AST, on the Board of Directors through 2014, Chaired a couple of CASTs, and Chair of the Board for two years.


Gwen Iarussi Headshot

Gwen Iarussi, Treasurer & Vice President of Community

A coffee filled dreamer with a quality problem. Gwen’s been a technology leader and quality practitioner for over 20 years and has helped development / engineering teams establish and scale quality & testing practices for both startup environments and fortune500 corporations across a diverse set of domains including global e-commerce, education and financial services. 

 Gwen holds a MS in Information Systems from the University of Utah and has been an advocate for context driven testing, AST for the past decade plus. Her passion for technology started at an early age, learning her first programming language in Logo as part of an enrichment program in her elementary school. She began her technology career in the mid-90s working in software and hardware support for both Prodigy and later Packard Bell. In 1998 She formally transitioned to Quality and Testing and has been leading initiatives in the technology delivery and quality space ever since.

Andy HirdSecretary

Andy has been working in the testing field for over a decade, including some of that time as a test manager. He enjoys the creativity and open ended nature of the testing craft and continues to push himself to learn more and improve his testing skills. He thinks this is best done with the collaboration of others which is why he enjoys interactive testing courses – like BBST – but also why he likes engaging with and learning from others in the community in less formal ways as well.

Joel Montvelisky

Zenzi Ali, Vice President of Marketing

In 2020, Zenzi was a people manager for a Y Combinator start-up. She’d started her career with that company in direct client service and worked her way up. Quality and process were the two areas where she excelled within her role. Zenzi loved coaching and streamlining her workflow and wanted to use her skills in a more technical role. 

In the middle of that year, Zenzi took the leap into tech by joining a full-stack JavaScript Boot Camp. Afterward,she earned a few software development internships, including a stint with The Collab Lab. Her last apprenticeship was one for testing. That’s where she hit her stride in this industry! Zenzi switched gears and moved into QA. QA joined her enduring skills with the new technical skills that she’d earned in 2020. Her goal as a QA professional who is also a career changer is to continue to promote quality as a practice and to introduce more career changers to quality assurance as a craft.

Zenzi currently works for Clarity Innovations Inc. Clarity is a small ed-tech consulting firm specialing in K-12 education. Consulting allows Zenzi to investigate many types of software including iOS and PWA apps,  mobile apps, and CMS apps built with Drupal. With each project comes varied QA needs. This has allowed her to explore many testing techniques and learn continuously on the job.  Zenzi enjoys reading about testing software and discussing the craft of software testing in her spare time. She is also the host of a monthly meeting for testers, Women Who Code’s Quality Time.

Mirek Długosz, Vice President of Technology

Mirek is a software engineer, tester, and an open source contributor from Poland. He’s been passionate about open source since 2005 and got his first job as a software tester in 2013. In-between he pursued a master’s degree in sociology, which he rounded off with a bachelor degree in computer science a couple of years later.

He is always happy to talk about testing, open source, software engineering and related topics. Feel free to drop by at his website and get in touch on social media.

Lalit Bhamare, Vice President of Education

Lalit is the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of the popular software testing magazine Tea-time with Testers. Lalit is also the co-creator of world’s leading testing survey, State of Testing. As a Vice President at the Association for Software Testing, he is looking after AST’s well-known education program. His specialties are test consulting skills, whole team testing, test management, teaching testing and providing testing related consultation to project teams.

Lalit is an international keynote speaker and has spoken at leading testing conferences worldwide. He was a Program Chair for the ConTest NYC 2020 conference. Lalit has been working as a Lead Instructor​ for BBST Foundations course with Association for Software Testing and have also conducted Rapid Software Testing full day trainings at his workplace. Setting up and running Testing CoPs (Community of Practice) and establishing intellectual testing culture in organisations is one of his special skills.

Through his testing magazine Tea-time with Testers, Lalit is active in his personal mission of improving the state of software testing. He does this by collaborating with leading authors, thought leaders and expert practitioners, and also by volunteering his time to help fellow testers by writing blogs and providing coaching on software testing. His dedication to the advancement of software testing has become his main hobby due to the enjoyment and satisfaction he gains from these efforts. Contact Lalit on X – @Lalitbhamare or @TtimewidTesters or visit his blog.