Agile Testing Days Open Air – How to make meetings not suck

In May 2022 the first Agile Testing Days Open Air took place, and there Samuel Nitsche and I premiered our workshop “How to make meetings not suck”. This post is my reflection on the process of creating the workshop and a slight summary of the workshop itself. Designing a new workshop is always a gamble and […]

Summary of 2021

When you feel a bit under the weather, worn out or start to question your worth – I like to take a moment and reflect on what I actually achieved. It helps me ground myself, feel better and in general is a pretty nice self-conficence boost. This year I asked a few colleauges to proof-read […]

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The power of three

Background Yesterday, Christoffer Bennet invited me to a round table discussion on the topic of “How to get the best out of Engineers while they work remotely“. It was a lovely discussion (I’ll add the link to the recording once it is up) but what does it have to do with this blog post, you […]

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