2022-23 AST Board Candidates

Read what our candidates have to say about the themselves, the Association for Software Testing, and their plans for AST here:

About Serving on the Board

There is a significant amount of work necessary just to keep the lights on at AST – BBST, CAST, Grants, the website, and so forth. Serving on the board is a duty and a responsibility to the membership and the people who brought the organization this far.

Board members are expected to attend three board meetings a year. Reasonable travel expenses for those whose employers do not cover them can be provided by AST. Board members are expected to monitor and participate regularly in our Slack instance, and write a few blog posts. Some do more. There is no geographic restriction on being a board member, as long as you can attend meetings and do the work. For executive committee members, including all officers, there are monthly conference calls and additional responsibilities attached.

Board Members currently spend between 2-20 hours/month on AST. Involvement varies depending on role and is expected to be variable throughout the year. Employment and family can make it hard to find the AST time. We ask candidates to think about their commitment in time and energy.

The Elections Committee,
Rachel Kibler
Joel Montvelisky