Election of Board Members

The annual election of new board members occurs in alignment with the Annual Membership Meeting. The results are announced during the Annual Membership Meeting which is typically held during the CAST conference.

To be eligible to run for a open board of directors seat you must be a regular or life member for 1 full year prior to the election.

To participate in the voting process you must have been a  member for at least one month prior to the election.

If you would like to become a voting member for the next election please visit our membership page.

Election of Executive Committee

Following an election of the new board the standing board elects a board member into each executive committee position. At a minimum the office of President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Treasury must be filled. Other positions can be created on the executive committee as the current board sees fit. These additional seats are typically given the vice-president title.

Term of Service

An elected board member serves a two year term. These terms are staggered on alternating years to ensure continuity between out going board members and incoming board members.