Welcome back to the Association for Software Testing’s webinar series! Here’s our webinar for February:

February 19, 2020 Webinar:

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are the hottest topics right now in the testing industry, taking the efficiency and speed of test automation to the next level. However, QA managers and manual testers have little to no knowledge of how machine learning works in the context of test automation tools. 

In this webinar, Yarin Podoler, TestCraft’s co-founder, will explain the importance of ML in testing and how the different aspects of the ML functionality are applied – with real examples, statistics, and applications.

This webinar will cover:

  1. Digital transformation
  2. Selenium challenges
  3. Live examples
  4. What is machine learning
  5. How to leverage machine learning
  6. Is it really working? Supported by the statistics behind a successful ML algorithm.
  7. End with a Q&A session and survey results

Join us on February 19th at 11am PST to learn more!

About our Presenters:

Yarin Podoler, TestCraft co-founder and Chief Product Officer

When working as a software developer at StartApp, Yarin was looking for a testing solution that would keep pace with the development process.

He couldn’t find one, so he started TestCraft.
During his time at TestCraft, Yarin helped many manual teams transition to automation.  Learning their challenges and pain points, he developed the TestCraft platform accordingly.

Yarin had been coding since he was 13. He lives in Tel-Aviv, married, with 2 beautiful kids.