For 2019 we are making a few pricing changes for AST-BBST. Effective immediately:

  1. All classes for AST members are now $299.
  2. All classes for non-AST members are $499.

Uniform Pricing

Our goal here was to simplify things by making all classes the same price. Previously AST-BBST Foundations was at lower price than Bug Advocacy and Test Design which created some confusion among students.

Note: If you are already enrolled or already paid the previous lower price for a class you are fine. This is for new classes going forward.

New Non-Member Pricing

Previously you had to be an AST member in order to enroll in our AST-BBST classes. This barrier to entry meant some people (or companies) were excluded from taking them or worse, some people would sign up for a membership and quickly try to take all 3 classes so they wouldn’t have to renew. (Taking all 3 classes in a single calendar year is quite difficult).

We hope by unbundling classes and membership (albeit at a higher cost) we will open up our courses to new potential students and also give pace to students who would otherwise try to marathon their way through. (This means if you re-try a course after failing you don’t have to worry about membership expiration).

AST-BBST Scholarships

Since 2015 we’ve offered AST-BBST Foundations class scholarships to those in need. We typically offer 5 or so a year on a first come first serve basis. Read more to learn how to apply.