September 2018 Webinar:

How would you test this? This is the leading question to the way Maaret has been passing on what she’s learned on testing, giving people real software problems to work on that illustrate important skills on testing.

There is a lot of talk around testing — who will do it, when it needs to happen, boxes it needs to fit in — yet not enough on the actual testing. In this webinar we hope to change that as Maaret will look at one problem in a demo setting. This means live testing (and live coding) to figure out our options to get a test program covered – for code coverage, for spec coverage and for risk coverage.

Join us on Thursday, September 13th at 12:00pm PST to learn to test a little better, and pick up a trick or two on the way. Even if you can’t make it, register to receive the recording and be alerted to future AST Webinars!

About our Presenter:

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is feedback fairy with a day job at F-Secure, where she works as Engineering Manager. She identifies as empirical technologist, tester and programmer, catalyst for improvement, author and speaker, and community facilitator and conference organizer. She was awarded as Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016 and has spoken at event in 24 countries delivering close to 400 sessions. With 25 years as exploratory tester before stepping into a role to manage developers, she crafts her engineering manager job into being a mix of leading a team of 12 and doing hands-on testing. She is a serial volunteer and organizing powerhouse contributing to European Testing Conference and Speak Easy, as well as Finnish non-profit scene. She blogs regularly at, posts articles on Medium and Ministry of Testing the Testing Planet, and is author of two LeanPub books: Mob Programming Guidebook and Exploratory Testing. Her web page is