Part of the role of the Association for Software is creating a flow of information for the software testing community. For the past year, we have been running an experiment in webinars. We quickly learned a lesson; board members can not run programs that benefit the community and membership while running the organization as a while. We were able to produce several webinars in that year long experiment, but they were sporadic.

This year, we would like to kick start the webinar experiment, but with a slight change. AST would like to create a volunteer run and curated webinar series. To do that, we need volunteers.

This is a call for volunteers:

We (Association for Software Testing) are looking for two volunteers to run a consistent webinar series. Both people must be AST members. This role will include recruiting presenters, keeping a monthly or bi monthly schedule, perform minimal editing, and publish the recorded shows to our Youtube channel. You will also be the host, MC, opener and closer of each podcast.

Email us at if you are an AST member, and would like a very public role in our organization pollinating new ideas through the testing community.