I have been a long time member of the AST and almost 3 years ago, at CAST2014 in New York, something pretty special happened: I was elected a board member. It was an exciting time! The years that followed were great at the board and I learned a lot about the operations of a non-profit organization. The meetings at the board were all very productive and I was thrilled to see how much we were able to achieve in a short period of time.

I served as the Treasurer for the first year and as the Vice President for the past two. I’m proud to have helped achieve some great things for our membership and the industry in these 3 years.

One of the main things I wanted to accomplish when I joined the board was to take the amazing conferring we have the opportunity to attend every year at CAST to Australia, and to give the opportunity to our far away members to experience it in full. When I was living in Australia, one of the things in my bucket list was to attend CAST, but it was always out of reach. So I’m delighted to having served as the co-chair for CASTx17 and to have been part of the board who made that happen.

I’ve had a great time serving the membership, but the time has come, however, for me to step down. I am still committed to furthering the art and craft of software testing, and I plan to continue working with the AST as a volunteer in the future. One thing the association always needs is volunteers! So, if you’ve ever thought about helping out, reach out to someone on the board. There are many things you could help with.

I wanted to thank the membership for trusting me with a seat at the board. I worked hard to make sure that trust was reciprocated. I wish my colleagues at board of directors all the luck with the exciting new projects they are working on, and hope to see many of you at CAST2017!

Ale Moreira

(Eric Proegler will serve as AST Vice President for the remainder of the 2016-2017 term – Ed)