Every year around the CAST conference the Association for Software Testing holds its election of the board of directors. In order to maintain continuity, every year out of the 7 board members alternatingly four, respectively three, are up for election. 2016 had four open slots. We invited our membership to nominate candidates and we were specifically inviting people from outside the US to participate as we as an organization want to become more international and also reflect that in the board.

The following people were nominated for the election:

Alessandra Moreira (USA)
Anna Royzman (USA)
Dan Ashby (UK)
Erik Davis (USA)
Geoff Loken (Canada)
Justin Rohrman (USA)
Oliver Erlewein (New Zealand)
Robert Sabourin (Canada)

Eric Proegler and I formed the election committee this year. As every year, we wanted to send the election e-mail out to only the people that were eligible to vote. That meant to set the filters right in order to capture the subset of members who were allowed to vote, namely members in good standing and having been a member for at least one month before the election day.

We have to admit that our system is kind of like the weird uncle you never know how he reacts. We really tried hard to get the filter settings right, but we failed at that. Hence, the e-mail went to several thousand people, most of which are not even members. Not only that, but my filter settings for some reasons excluded a subset of our lifetime members, who did not get the e-mail. We discovered the latter only after the election was open for one day. We rapidly sent an e-mail to our lifetime members extending the deadline for them in order to have at least 24 hours for their vote. We will be taking measures for next year for this to not happen again.

Both Eric and I had a couple of exciting days observing the election mechanics and how in the course of the election the rankings shifted in all sorts of directions. After the deadline we went through every single vote and checked on whether or not it was a valid one.

After the election results are in, the previous board selects officers for the coming year. We are proud to welcome the new board of directors of the AST for 2016/2017 which consists of:


Justin Rohrman

Vice President

Alessandra Moreira


Roxanne Jackson


Eric Proegler

VP of Marketing

Ilari Henrik Aegerter

Executives at Large

Robert Sabourin
Anna Royzman

The board of directors will meet mid October for its first board meeting to seat the incoming board members. We are all looking forward to an exciting year.

Ilari Henrik Aegerter, Association for Software Testing