In the evenings, CAST continues online through informal conversations with presenters, attendees, and conference staff live streamed as CAST Live. Relax at home or at work as we bring CAST to you live each day of the conference.


Past years have included interviews with keynoters and session speakers. Each night, the hosts recap that days events, interview influential testers, and discuss all things testing. You never know what insights or funny moments are going to happen next.


This year, we’re planning a mid-day show, so submit your topics of interest and burning questions to our webCAST staff by tweeting to our hashtag #CAST2016!


For a taste of streamed content from past years, take a look at our The AST Videos archive. This year, Ben Yaroch and Dee Ann Pizzica bring you the full webCAST lineup.

Mark your calendars for CAST2016 and catch up with us online during the event!