We are proud to bring you the CAST 2016 program. We had so many great proposals that the conference committee had a hard time choosing among them. However, our team believes we’ve put together a great lineup for you this year.

The connections and interactions between our presenters and their teams help them to address threats to value in their various contexts. As we explore together our dependencies on other roles and their activities in producing software, we may find some lessons apply to our own work day in ways we didn’t expect.

Join us for discussions with testers who translate between business and technical perspectives, who influence makers, and who advocate for users. Bring your real world problems and questions about interacting with non-testers to Open Season during this gathering of practitioners, researchers, and students of our testing craft. Find practical ways to tackle collaboration back at the office as you become a better software development catalyst.

Build your schedule here to let us know which sessions interest you and spread the word about CAST 2016!