The next AST Webinar is coming up on May 24. Dan Ashby is going to talk about The 5 Orders of Ignorance as it relates to Software Testing.

Places are limited, so register today! We will post a video of the Webinar shortly after.

Webinar Description

The relationship between The 5 Orders of Ignorance and software testing is much closer than most people realise. Testing isn’t just about checking that software conforms to some explicit, known requirements. Testing is about investigating the software and exploring our hypotheses in order to uncover new information.

This webinar will discuss The 5 Orders of Ignorance regarding information and how these orders very closely relate to agile testing, how each layer of The 5 Orders relate to testing, the key skills and processes that fit within each layer, and relate all of this learning to our development, testing and checking activities within our development cycles. Information is key!

About the Presenter

dan_ashbyDan Ashby (@DanAshby04) is the Global Head of Testing at AstraZeneca. Dan’s been testing for over a decade, working on a wide variety of products from printer software/hardware/firmware, to web and mobile apps and sites of all different shapes and sizes.

He is passionate about context-driven testing and is currently focused on testing web-based software while coaching/training people in software testing and agile. Dan is involved in the testing community and regularly speaks at conferences. He also blogs, is the co-host of the Testing in the Pub podcast series and runs the Software Testing Clinic workshops within London.