Quality Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization, was founded by Anna Royzman in 2015 with the mission to become the world’s leading advocate for quality in technology. The organization is striving to reach this goal through developing innovative programs on software testing and quality for the tech community, and leadership and educational institutions.

Test Masters Academy is one of these programs. The goal of Test Masters Academy is to offer a modern education through public and corporate classes, conferences, training and community events with invited community authorities, international speakers and thought leaders to teach our technical, strategy and leadership masterclasses.

This Spring, Test Masters Academy is organizing a new conference – Test Leadership Congress/QA Expo, a global conference dedicated to test management and leadership. This conference is the first of its kind. Test Masters Academy will bring the leaders and managers in software testing together to talk about the matters which are important to them. It aims to be a platform for the promotion of context-driven principles to the people who manage testing and testers.

Quality Leadership Institute has invited test leaders from our community and from innovative companies, such as Spotify and Etsy to speak at our conference. Fiona Charles will open the conference on April 27th in NYC with the thought-provoking keynote “Is Test Management a Dying Art?”.

Assisting with the conference are Fiona Charles, Kate Falanga, Jess Ingrasselino, Anna Royzman, Noah Sussman, Stephen Janaway, and Richard Bradshaw, who will teach full day and half day masterclasses in areas of their expertise.

Win Tickets to Test Leadership Congress

Five AST members will have a unique chance to win a free pass to the conference through the Association for Software Testing.

A Quality Leadership Institute is proud to announce that the Association for Software Testing is sponsoring the 1st Test Leadership Congress on April 27th NYC. It provides us an opportunity to give back to the context-driven testing community.

Here is how you can win one of the 5 tickets:

Send us your best real life software testing story. The story should not be shorter than one page of text. We will review all submissions and select the 5 we like most. Send your story to “marketing at associationforsoftwaretesting dot org” and you might be on your way to the Test Leadership Congress.

Deadline is March 30, 2016; after which we will review the submissions and select the winners.