As you well know the Association for Software Testing is a volunteer organization. We rely on unpaid contributors to run our programs — BBST, WHOSE, conference facilitation, and our technology team — as well as develop new content. For a long time now, members of the Board have been heavily involved in running the AST programs. The involvement has been a fantastic thing, and has driven us forward as an organization. But, it has also been our Achilles heel to some degree. It is difficult to do a good job of both running AST (the organization), and AST (the various programs we offer to our beloved testing community).

One of my important roles as the current President is facilitating shifting some program work from mostly board members, to mostly AST members. As a part of that, I’d like to introduce you to our new AST Grants Committee. Our (the AST BOD) goal for this committee is to be able to provide you with better service. A committee dedicated to grants will give you faster responses to your requests. And the board will be able to dedicate more energy into the organization as a whole. We will provide the same benefits as our current grants program, but now our engaged membership with very light oversight from the board will be managing the day to day activities.

This committee consists of the following Association for Software Testing members:

  • Carol Brands (Chair)
  • Erik Davis
  • Gary Miller
  • Vivien Ibironke Ibiyemi
  • Jesse T. Alford

If you are interested in getting funding for a non-profit event, send an email to grants at associationforsoftwaretesting dot org. Our committee would love to help you.