We have another volunteer opportunity to ask our membership for help with. Previously, we’ve asked for help with the AST3 to help manage our technology, and we are always looking for help with teaching BBST Courses. Both of these opportunities are still open for your contributions.

This particular request is hoping to locate 2+ people who will manage sponsorship relationships for CAST and other events. We are hoping to build a program to encourage multi-year relationships with interested and appropriate sponsors in order to increase CAST revenue. The work will include designing sponsorship programs, herding exhibitors with deadlines and emails, and providing support at CAST (though you don’t have to attend CAST to participate). There are some restrictions on which organizations we can accept sponsorship from and what AST can provide to sponsors, but outside of these limitations, this is a chance to build something durable that will help AST over the long term.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, or if you have ideas for another way you’d like to volunteer, please email Volunteer at Association for Software Testing dot Org.