This month in WHOSE we are going with a leadership theme and have a new entry from Smita Mishra.

Smita is an entrepreneur and has founded QAZone Infosystems, which is a software testing organization. She has been practicing software testing for the last 14 years and enjoys problem solving for her customers with or without software testing. She coordinates a test meetup group in India known as Test Practitioner’s Club.

She is currently involved in test consulting and also in building a shared payment platform called PoolEzy.

In her entry this month, Smita talks about the skill of managing expectations, along with a story about where she used this skill.

Managing expectations is something we all do whether it be the newest tester clearly describing the work she can get done to her manager, or that manager tell a team what work needs to be performed and by when.

Let’s take a look at Smita’s ideas.


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