This month in WHOSE we are are doing something different. Rather than adding more content from the original WHOSE workshop, we are featuring the work of our community of software testers. Anna Royzman and Lalit Bhamare have created two new entries in the Association For Software Testing WHOSE wiki describing skills that have been important to them in their careers.

Anna Royzman is A context-driven scholar, professional tester for over 15 years and a thought leader, Anna is always on a quest for quality. Her passion is in discovering new techniques and creating environments that allow people to be most effective at what they do. Anna is a renowned trainer and an invited speaker at international Agile, Testing and Quality conferences. Anna serves on Community Advisory Board for Software Test Professionals Association.

Lalit Bhamare is currently working with one large investment bank as a Sr. Test Analyst. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of popular software testing magazine “Tea-time with Testers”. Lalit’s particular specialties are his Testing Skills, Test Management, Teaching Testing and providing testing related consultation to project teams.

He is a lead Instructor with AST (Association for Software Testing) for its BBST Foundations classes & also teaches Rapid Software Testing full day class at his workplace. Lalit regularly assists James Bach in his Rapid Testing Intensive Online trainings. He is active member of local testing groups and has been offered with opportunities to speak at reputed international conference like CAST and STEP-IN.

Anna talks about her experience with developing a test strategy for groups of testers she has lead and managed during her tenure at financial services company. You can find Anna’s skill, Developing A Test Strategy, here:

Lalit describes the skill of talking about the work of software testers to non-testers and gives two different stories describing contexts where this skill was useful for him. You can find Lalit’s skill, Speaking About Testing To Non-Testers, here:

If you have a skill that is important to you, along with a story about how you use is, maybe you can be next months feature. Send an email to  and let’s talk.