webCAST 2015

August 4-5, 2015

The Association for Software Testing is pleased to announce its tenth annual conference, CAST 2015 “Moving Testing Forward,” to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 3-5. Since our first CAST we have seen dramatic changes in the nature of communications and the nature of delivery, from PC to client/server to the web and web services. Deployment is different; monitoring is different, builds and test tooling are different. We have a variety of new models and methods for our testing. CAST is where we talk about how they actually work out in practice, based on experience.At our tenth CAST, in 2015 speakers will be presenting stories, workshops and tutorials regarding their experiences surrounding how to advance software testing.

We will be streaming keynotes, full sessions, and “CAST Live”. We will also have the tweet printer so you can ask questions via twitter. So join us this summer online and live from the beautiful Grand Plaza Hotel  in downtown Grand Rapids, MI as we explore “Moving Testing Forward.”

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Things we are working on for this Year

Benjamin Yaroch – webCAST Director

While the conference may be months away preparations have already begun for the live-stream. As usual we will be streaming keynotes, full sessions, and “CAST Live.” We are also planning on having the tweet printer online, so nothing new there.

So what is changing? The biggest change this year is we are moving from Ustream.tv to Youtube Live. We’ve been working on transitioning to Youtube since 2013; there were a number of technical hurdles that needed to be overcome and we think we have them all sorted out.

So why move to Youtube Live? The biggest reason is no more commercials! This has been a complaint of viewers in years past, commercials appearing right in the middle of the broadcast can be pretty annoying. So we are getting rid of them for 2015. So the live broadcast will not only be free but also commercial free. Win-win!

We are also working on increasing the video quality yet again this year and making numerous less noticeable but important improvements to the overall broadcast experience.

So tell your friends and the world about the webCAST August 12-13th, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and be sure to join the mailing list! We look forward to seeing everyone online this summer.