Polls closed at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, August 12.  After verifying and counting ballots, we are pleased announce the new and returning members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Erik Davis (new)
  • Alessandra Moreira (new)
  • Justin Rohrman (new)
  • Keith Klain (re-elected)

The new members of the Board will be sworn into office at the next meeting of the full Board.

We thank the members of the current Board who chose to not seek reelection for their service and hard work to make AST better:

  • Benjamin Yaroch
  • Dee Ann Pizzica
  • Doug Hoffman

We also wish to thank the candidates who ran for positions on the Board of Directors who were not elected and encourage them to stand for election next year:

  • Smita Mishra
  • Alex Bantz
  • Jeffrey Woodard

After the results were announced at CAST, the Board of Directors met in special session to vote for the members of the new Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee for AST, after the new Board members are sworn in, is as follows:

President:  Michael Larsen
Executive Vice President:  Keith Klain
Treasurer:  Alessandra Moreira
Secretary:  Markus Gaertner
Vice President of Education:  Justin Rohrman
Executive at Large: Erik Davis and Peter Walen

2014-2015 Board of Directors

We look forward to AST’s continued growth under their leadership.