The Elections for the Board of Directors are officially OPEN!

There are four open spots on the board this year and these are the candidates:

  • Alex Bantz
  • Erik Davis
  • Keith Klain
  • Smita Mishra
  • Alessandra Moreira
  • Justin Rohrman
  • Jeffrey Woodard

AST members are able to vote electronically TODAY, August 11th through August 13th at 7:00PM Eastern Time/12:00 am (GMT). In order to participate in the voting process you must have been at regular or life member for a least one month prior to the election (July 12, 2014).

The results of the election will be announced during the morning of August 13th during the CAST Conference.

NB: If you are a  regular or life member and did not receive an email about the election, please check your junk mail folder.  If it is not there, please contact the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Pete Walen, at