A quick update about the webCAST. We are officially 3 weeks ago from the conference and preparations are in full swing for the livestream. Like last year we will be streaming keynotes, full sessions, and “CAST Live”. We will also have the tweet printer online so you can ask questions via twitter. So nothing new there.

However, we are making some changes this year. AST has invested in upgrading some equipment to improve the video quality, so things should be clearer and sharper than in years past. In addition we are introducing social media to the live stream, we can now display tweets on screen during the broadcast. We hope this improves your overall viewing experience.

From a logistics standpoint we just posted some iCal links so you can add the livestream to your calendar and have the sessions in your local time. In addition we are going to try to get an email out to everyone each day as a reminder.

So tell your friends and the world about the webCAST August 12-13th, also check out the promo videos for this year. We look forward to seeing everyone online!

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If you have any suggestions, requests, or comments you can email us.