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The theme for CAST 2014 is “The Art and Science of Testing.” In some contexts and by some people software testing is considered to be more of a science and by others more of an art. To some, it’s an outgrowth of computer science, mathematics and physics. To others, it’s an expression of soft sciences like psychology, philosophy and human behavior, discovery and interpersonal social interactions. Still to others, it’s unbounded by rules and laws of science but is about free-flowing creativity, imagination, interpretation and artistry.

At CAST 2014 speakers will be presenting their experiences surrounding software testing – whether the experience supports testing as an art or a science. So join us this summer for our ninth annual conference in downtown New York City August 11-13, 2014.

CAST is designed not only to allow but also to encourage a high-level of interaction among presenters and participants, we put the confer back into conference. To that end attendance is limited to 250 attendees, be sure to register early!

What makes CAST unique?

  • For testers, by testers
  • We strive to advance and improve the science of software testing
  • We share, discuss, and question
  • Meet industry leaders (authors, bloggers, and personalities)
  • Network with peers, and experts
  • Reasonably priced, high ROI
Who should attend CAST?
  • Software Testers, Practitioners, and Managers
  • Scholars and Researchers
  • Students
  • Developers

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CAST provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of influential practices and concepts in software testing. We attract a high caliber of participant, eager to discuss and debate testing topics and practices with both speakers and vendors.

Gaining recommendations or referrals often requires that sponsors not only have quality products or services, but also demonstrate true dedication to the testing craft, community, and value system. CAST works to create an environment where sponsors can build and strengthen their relationships with the testing community.

To register as a sponsor for CAST or if you have any questions about sponsorship, please send an email to