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The theme for CAST 2014 is “The Art and Science of Testing.”

In some contexts and by some people Software Testing is considered to be more of a science and by others more of an art. To some, it’s an outgrowth of computer science, mathematics and physics. To others, it’s an expression of soft sciences like psychology, philosophy and human behavior, discovery and interpersonal social interactions. Still to others, it’s unbounded by rules and laws of science but is about free-flowing creativity, imagination, interpretation and artistry.

In short, software testing might be an art, a science, neither, or both. Perhaps as a result of this uncertainty a lot of folklore and myths have developed surrounding software testing.

At CAST 2014 speakers will be presenting stories, workshops and tutorials regarding their experiences surrounding software testing – whether the experience supports testing as an art or a science. There will also be sessions that debunk myths and folklore plus others that will highlight risks, challenges and triumphs of software testing. Join us this summer for our ninth annual conference in downtown New York City August 11-13.

Call for Participation

We invite you to share your stories, thoughts, observations, and demonstrations surrounding your experiences about the art, science, myths, folklore, challenges, risks, battles and triumphs of real world software testing.

We are seeking abstracts and proposals in line with the conference theme for either a track session presentation of up to 40 minutes, plus 20 minutes of question time, OR of up to 50 minutes, plus 25 minutes of question time OR an interactive workshop of 2 hours. The theme is broadly set to provide a wide scope for submissions; however, we do request that proposals be specifically about your experiences in the field.

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