SummerQAmp Embarks on Its Second Year to Create Internships at Leading Technology Companies in Eight U.S. Cities.

Led by CampInteractive, CK-12 Foundation, Association for Software Testing, QASymphony, Jobspring, Workbridge and Connect to Tech join forces to educate youth in careers in Quality Assurance.


We’re excited to announce that SummerQAmp, an initiative to place students in Quality Assurance (QA) internships at major technology companies such as Foursquare, Gilt Groupe, AirBnB and eBay, launches its second year program today. QA is a necessary, but largely overlooked role in technology companies that ensures mobile apps and software programs work properly. SummerQAmp is helping keep the U.S. at the forefront of innovation by creating QA jobs for America’s youth.

While last year’s pilot program was a great success (check it out here), we’ve grown the program this year to place students in eight U.S. cities—New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Washington D.C. and Atlanta. In addition, to lead this year’s initiative, we’ve partnered with CampInteractive, an organization whose mission matches ours in inspiring the next generation of tech entrepreneurs from kids in under-resourced communities through after-school programs and summer internship programs at startups.

When students apply to SummerQAmp, they will be educated in high-level QA training to best prepare them for their internship interviews. Realizing that a robust online learning delivery platform is critical to offer the QA course, we’ve partnered with CK-12 Foundation to train interns through their interactive online education platform.

In addition, this year we are offering a more in depth online curriculum developed in collaboration with the Association for Software Testing, who is graciously providing the educational materials for students to sharpen their QA skills during the program and QASymphony, who are providing their innovative QA Tools for the interns to practice testing.

To facilitate placement of students, we work with Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates, a duo of professional recruitment agencies that specialize in careers in technology. Jobspring and Workbridge will connect students with the technology company best suited for him or her and provide interview training to help them land the internship.

We’re also proud to be working with Connect to Tech, a private-sector, network-building initiative in support of the White House’s tech inclusion efforts, which hosts an online directory and offline events across the U.S. to connect STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) youth programs and organizations with both parents and youth from under-represented communities. Connect to Tech is a great resource for SummerQAmp interns to use before, during or after their internships.

All of our partners are working to leverage technology to educate today’s youth and help them succeed tomorrow. It’s these partners that are making it possible for us to expand into the additional six cities this year.

“SummerQAmp will once again introduce QA to students entering the workforce over the next few years, exposing them to the tremendous impact this often overlooked role plays in the success of a technology company,” said Steve Martocci, co-founder, GroupMe. “Seeing the results and engagement among last year’s students and companies has been a great motivation and impetus to expand SummerQAmp’s cause this year into eight cities. We’re looking forward to working with a wide array of top technology companies and discovering new technology talent in youth across the country.”

“We have always been a big proponent of applying knowledge in the real world through our site as well as through our partners,” said Hetav Sanghavi, Sr. Director Partnerships, CK-12 Foundation. “QA skills learned on our interactive platform through this partnership is very exciting for us as it furthers our mission that’s aligned with SummerQamp’s objectives.”

SummerQAmp was created and is led by Steve Martocci, co-founder of GroupMe, musician Jon Bon Jovi, Aneesh Chopra, former CTO of the White House, and Kevin Haggard, Director of Quality Engineering at WhaleShark Media.

This year we’re setting out to raise $100,000 to further our cause—and we know we can meet that goal with your help. If you’re interested in donating, please visit

If you’re a student interested in participating in this year’s SummerQAmp, please visit our application page here: If you’re a technology company interested in hosting a QA intern this year please visit for more information.

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