Greetings testers!!

The AST Community News is wrapping up 2012 and getting ready for a new year. We’re excited about the changes we want to bring in 2013. In January we will be unveiling a new newsletter with a new format. Our goal is to bring you an increased level of high quality content on all kinds of topics.


But we need your help! After all, great thoughts don’t just write themselves down!


For this edition we’re looking for short blurbs (under 100 words) and longer articles (500 words) that are on theme. For January we’re thinking about the themes: Resolutions. Restarting. Re-energizing.


Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. What are your goals/resolutions for the new year – is there something different you want to try?

2. How are you prepping for the new year based on your context (maybe you’re a consultant, a team lead, an educator…)?

3. If you’re a bored tester – how do you want re-energize?

Send us your thoughts at

Deadline for submission is 1/9/13