We are rapidly approaching Summer, and with Summer comes summer internships. Specifically, SummerQAmp internships!
With this initiative come up very soon, Michael Larsen and participants in the Education Special Interest Group are actively working to get their ideas down for the education modules that AST is preparing for SummerQAmp. The initial plan was to write everything out, post it, and then massage it down to a useable format. It was determined that this would take a long time, and it would give a very limited amount of time for feedback and review from others.

Instead, Michael and the EdSIG members decided to take a different approach, and we hope that you all will join us. We are discussing the elements that we want to present in the education materials over on the Association for Software Testing’s EdSIG forum. At the moment, you have to be a member of AST to post in the forums, but we may well change that for this initiative, so as to get as many of the interested contributors as possible to be able to post.

In the meantime, though, the forum is open for reading to anyone who wants to participate. If you would like to have your ideas included, please reply in the EdSIG forum threads. If you would like to contribute privately at first, you can also send suggestions, comments or module ideas to Michael Larsen at mkltesthead (at) gmail (dot) com.