For the past 5 or so years Cem Kaner has been our chair of the EdSIG, and done and amazing job creating AST’s version of BBST and shepherding a number of other educational projects within the organization. Most of Cem’s contributions came not in the form of a chairperson but instead as a course designer and teacher which is where his passion is. Organizing the AST infrastructure to support BBST and other member-educational efforts had been more of a responsibility than a goal for him.

Over the last 2 years Becky Fiedler took over much of the actual running of EdSIG, but now that the development of BBST Test Design (and with it the BBST series of courses) and of the BBST Instructors Course is complete, both Becky and Cem are looking forward to a set of new challenges.

To that end AST has been recruiting for a new chair for EdSIG for a few years. Recently Michael Larsen has volunteered to take over this critical role in AST. (see A New Chapter and a New Challenge). This transition will likely be gradual, completing around March 31 next year. We would like to welcome Michael into this new role and thank Cem and Becky for their contributions to AST.