Trisha Chetani Candidate Questions

These questions are from AST members to all candidates for the  2020 AST Board elections.

Q1. How do you intend to promote diversity within the AST? How could AST promote diversity, of all kinds, within our own organization and within the wider testing and technology communities

AST has been considering diversity for a long time by having a code of conduct aligned with what AST demonstrate they do by having equality on basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin and so on.. For example, it is a platform where people have been given a chance or been included.

However, i would like to promote diversity with the below approach:

  • I would like to promote diversity by not including only experts. 
  • I can try to get more sponsorship by making it easier for devoted people and enable the community to run more sessions, for example, speak at the conference; teach by leading the sessions and workshop; write a blog for AST; listen to a podcast by AST.  
  • We can also give reasonable scholarship to people by starting to make a small impact on their life. 

Q2. Please share your vision for the future of the AST’s BBST program.

The current vision of AST is dedicated to developing the knowledge of the science and practice of software testing according to Context-Driven principles.  

BBST program is aligned to the AST mission. The course gives the depth and relevance of the learning experience, coupled with the individual feedback each student receives, offers an unequalled level of progress.

However, I will not modify it unless needed. I will work on marketing and promotion especially on the global level.  

Q3. What do you think the AST board has historically done well, and what do you think needs to change?

AST is a non-profit organisation and run by a volunteer, I found there have been sharing sessions on the most recent topic in the industry over conference, webinar and they have a high level of commitment and high-quality testing education. 

A significant challenge for AST is not geographically opened and the conference happens once every year.

Q4. If you are elected to serve on the board, what is your vision for the future of AST and what do you hope to accomplish as part of the board?

I will take the opportunity to understand the major concern by people and identify in brief about one or two problems. I can do this by asking for votes and feedback. Furthermore, I will work on solving the identified problem by having targeted goals.

However, my own position on the feedback would be 

  • I will like to start AST podcast 
  • Seeking more people to contribute by writing a blog for AST 
  •  Giving the opportunity to run the workshop.
  • Sharing ebooks
  • Solving problem of making conference global
  • Having more marketing and promotion by giving small token of appreciation to contributor by AST

Q5. Many people come to be AST Board of Directors candidates through a long history of community involvement. This community involvement usually involves teaching, creating and running peer conferences, creating and running regular conferences, and working with commercial entities. Please describe any current initiatives you participate in that might affect your ability to serve on the AST board, and serve the AST membership.

I become a software tester by having a job. I was blessed to have been in contact with the software testing community since I was offered the job. Initially, I started joining weekend testing to gain knowledge and network with people. But I didn’t stop there:

  • I was actively part of the various groups by involving myself in various conversations. 
  • Being with communities, I learned they are many opportunities to speak meetup and conferences,
  •  I can write the blog or contribute to the book
  •  Use podcasts as a medium to learn.
  •  I am actively helping people sometimes mentoring on a regular basis.
  •  I have helped the conference organizer by volunteering 

 Principles – Context Driven Testing

My contribution is listed here with evidence,

Q6. In what ways have you supported the mission of AST?

 I have been working in IT for the last 8 years. I believe every day is a new day with new context. We came across a new challenge and we need to apply the context-driven technique. I would say I have applied almost every day.

I have also developed knowledge with recent technology to adapt myself to the science and practice of software testing. I had sought help and advice whenever I came across a challenging situation to enhance my knowledge. 

I have been nourishing myself by sharing my knowledge. 

I have attended the AST conference and webinar. The webinar I liked most was around the topic using AI with selenium and this was sometime recently presented.

Trisha Chetani Automation Enthusiast