In few hours I will be flying to US for STPCon 2017 which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona between 14 – 17 March.  Obviously I am excited by the opportunity of speaking and delivering a workshop at the conference.  If you are around, I would be glad to see you there at my workshop and then at my talk session. I am also excited to get some time off before and after the conference to visit different parts of this beautiful country. So, if you are unable to meet me in Phoenix, we may still have an opportunity to talk in LA before the conference, or after 18 March in NYC or Orlando. I will be there until the end of the month at least.

Both my sessions are about an important subject: you! You as in people, humans; who are at the centre of all activities. Technology does not work or develop on its own. People do it. For themselves.

People in our craft often get confused by technical developments around them or by methodological changes (notice that I did not call them developments).  I have been meeting and coming across so many testers who have technical skills, but cannot even explain their work to others. My session talk will cover the aspects that help you become better at skills that matter.

My workshop is indeed a detailed experience report. Why would you attend it then?  You should because then you will learn about skills and techniques that have helped me excel and may help you too. I am sure you would love to learn from someone else’s experience than learn hard way.

I will see you at STPCon 2017 in Phoenix between 14 -17. Meanwhile, why not listen to my radio interview with Mike Lyles. This link also has details of my session and workshop: