This week’s Cambridge Tester meetup was a show-and-tell with a theme:

Is there a thing that you can’t do without when testing? A tool, a practice, a habit, a method that just works for you and you wouldn’t want to miss it? 

Here’s a list, with a little commentary, of some of the things that were suggested:

  • Testability: mostly, in this discussion, it was tools for probing and assessing a product.
  • Interaction with developers: but there’s usually a workaround if they’re not available ..
  • Workarounds
  • The internet: because we use it all the time for quick answers to quick questions (but wonder about the impact this is having on us).
  • Caffeine: some people can’t do anything without it.
  • Adaptability: although this is like making your first wish be infinite wishes.
  • People: Two of us suggested this. I wrote my notes up in Testing Show
  • Emacs
  • Money: for paying for staff, tools, services etc.
  • Visual modelling: as presented, this was mostly about system architecture, but could include e.g. mind maps.
  • Notebook and pen: writing gives clarity
  • Phone: for playing games as a break from work.
  • Explainability: “it’s my job to eradicate inexplicability.”
  • Freedom/free will: within the scope of the mission
  • Problems: because we’ll be out of a job without them.