This week, Maaret Pyhäjärvi published How to write 180 blog posts in a year.  Maaret’s blog is one that I make a point of reading whenever Feedly tells me there’s a new post there. Why? Because her posts are thoughtful, often deeply thoughtful. Here’s a couple of paragraphs from Thinking you’re the best:

For years, I prepared in the previous night for every relevant meeting. I went in with a ready-made plan, usually three to prep my responses for whatever might emerge in the meetings. Back in school, my Swedish teacher made me translate things out loud every class, because of my “word-perfect translations”. Truth is I had them pre-translated with great effort because I was mortified with the idea of having to do  that work on the fly. 

Through my own experiences, I’ve grown to learn that the pre-prep was always my safety blanket. I did not want to look bad. I did not want to be revealed. I was the person who would rather use 3 days on a half-an-hour task. And I would say it was for my “learning”. It was for my “personality”. But truth is, it was for my fear of not being perfect.

My feed aggregates over 200 testing blogs and a bunch from other areas. I skim the titles regularly. I read from the list most days. I’ve got much benefit by reading from a wide range of sources across a long period of time. But these blogs, for a variety of reasons, I’ll read every time they show up: