This will be a short blog post – shorter than my usual posts anyway.

I’m excited about some things. First, work is great. They day job has the usual interesting challenges and problems that any day job has. The team I am working with though is great and works together very well. The most cool part with them is they are constantly looking to learn, try and apply new approaches. This makes dealing with challenges that appear much less painful and more rewarding that they might otherwise be.

Second, there is a conference coming up. I know, conferences are everywhere these days, right? This one is different. This one is focused on testing in an Agile environment. Logically enough, it is named Agile Testing Days. The 2016 edition is occurring in Potsdam, Germany THIS DECEMBER! Yeah – if you have never been to Germany just before Christmas, this is a bonus! Conference is astounding. The host city is astounding. Environment is astounding.

Best part of this conference though, when you strip away the “Ooooooh! Look! Fun activities and cool stuff!” and look at the core of the conference it self – Look at the people. There are some fantastic speakers – recognized experts who are talking about ideas and what they actually do and use in their day-jobs. There are practitioners talking about what has worked for them – and what has NOT worked for them. There are people who are attending the conference who are willing to discuss ideas and ask questions and grab a corner and debate an idea into the wee hours.

There are people from all over the world attending, participating and deeply engaged.

If you are reading this BEFORE 3 October, you can get the Early Bird discount. If you miss the window for the early bird, and you still want to go (and the conference is not over!) leave a comment and I’ll see if I can still get you some level of discount.

I’m going to be there. I’m going to be speaking. I would not take the time away from my work – my day job – for a week and travel to Germany if I did not think I’d be learning something of value. I’ve been there several times and always come home with something I can use at work the first day back.

I bet you will too.