This year has been quite turbulent personally. The year 2013 ended with Eurostar conference and finally me being a guest of Hong Kong Productivity Council for the opening ceremony of the Testing & Certification Centre.

However, 2014 remained on a high note since beginning. If you have noticed or have used Cathay Pacific Airways‘ new desktop or mobile website or mobile app, you will realize that there must have been a lot of effort involved in completing that amount of work. That is what I was working on since mid-2013. So, if you like the product and wish to extend credit to someone, you can do that to me as I managed testing for that programme. If you find any annoying issues, you can send those to Cathay through social media as I no longer work there. 🙂

Delivering such large functionality on web, mobile web and app wasn’t easy. It became more challenging because it was Cathay’s first Agile Transformation programme. (expect another post on testing of a massive agile transformation project). BTW, the scope included Cathay’s sister airline Dragonair too. So, just double the effort of what we did. phew!!

In March 2014 we heard the bad news of missing Malaysian Airways aircraft. What was more annoying was the so called theories by so-called experts. Even those who had just Microsoft Flight simulator on their desktops, started talking as if they were experts in aviation. I have deep love for aircraft. I like to read about airplanes and aviation. I watch almost all videos or movies that involves airplanes. When something bad happens with airplanes, I feel bad. It is so unfortunate that another aircraft was lost by Malaysian air later in the year and we just heard the news that AirAsia aircraft crashed possibly due to severe weather activity.

If you think that 2014 was a bad year for aviation, you would be surprised to read a story Wired published recently. Read it here. 

Around the same time of the final delivery of Cathay’s Agile project in the second quarter of the year I got headhunted by Australia. So I moved to Melbourne in August with my family. Relocation isn’t easy; especially when you move countries.

In November, Testing Circus featured me as ‘#TestersToFollow’.

Recently I noticed that my google+ views crossed 260,000. Feels good, nothing else (unless it has been spammed).

A good news that AST Board delivered around Christmas was that AST has offered a grant through their grant program to organize a testing meetup in Melbourne (Australia). Let’s see how it goes. I already got people connecting with me who are willing to attend. So, if you happen to be in Melbourne, let me know. 

The new year always brings hope (even though practically it is just a day & date change) and people make resolutions. I never make new year resolutions, so this post is merely a reflection of what I observed before December. When someone talks about resolutions to me, I say that rather than waiting for 364 days for making a change, do it now so that you can see the effect when the year actually changes.

Well, the year has just commenced. As my manager said today: Year 2014 was challenging and undoubtedly 2015 will also bring with it new challenges and a lot of change. With change comes opportunity; we all have the opportunity to do better, work better, interact better  and take the starring role in our organisation performance as opposed to just being paying audience members. 

All the very best for 2015; do good work, learn more about testing and don’t forget to add value in whatever you do.