I was on my way to see my brother just before Christmas when I stopped at Donington Park Services. While I was reviewing its compendium of value-for-money amenities, and trying to stop my young daughters running riot, I saw the sign above.

Perhaps I just needed a drink, or maybe I’ve been at this game for too long, but my initial instinctive interpretation of this was that time was being called on alcohol. Is the space of all possible locations really covered by the restriction? Surely that can’t be what it is meant to mean?

For a bit of seasonal fun, I set my team and the Cambridge Software Testing Club Meetup this challenge:

In my imaginary world (one where the compendium of value-for-money amenities at motorway services is a good deal larger) Moto have asked you to review their signage. Test this particular sign for them. You have 15 minutes to list questions, comments, interpretations, suggested experiments and so on. 

I’ve recorded a few of the suggestions in the comments here. Feel free to add more.