A fellow testing blogger, Joel Montvelisky, was about to write a post on the current trends in testing… but realised that there is no comprehensive source of information available. Like most people I admire, instead of moaning about it, he took action! Joining forces with Lalit Bhamare (editor of Tea-Time with Testers) they decided to create a survey in an attempt to discover the true state of testing around the globe.

Why would this interest you?

With this survey they hope to gain answers to many questions, such as:
– What are the main challenges faced by testers around the world?
– What does the professional testing environment look like?
– Where is the testing profession heading?
– How tester’s salaries varies across different locations worldwide?

How can you help?
In two ways: 
1. Visit the Survey Page today and register your interest. 
2. Spread the word!! The more testers who respond, the more valuable and realistic the findings will be! 
A copy of the findings will be sent to all who respond to the survey… so what better way to learn more about the current state of your chosen profession!