So let me set the stage here….

Joel Montvelisky ( wanted to write a post about the advances that have taken place in the tester-verse in the last 5-10 years. While he was trying to put this post together, he came to the conclusion that there really isn’t a centralized set of information or trends as to what is happening in the testing world.

What does a tester do when they can’t find that information? They take it upon themselves to make their own. Trust me, I understand this logic completely ;).

Thus, Joel reach out to Lalit Bhamare (who edits Tea Time with Testers) to create and conduct a “State of Testing” survey. The purpose? To provide a “ snapshot” each year of what the “ reality” of the testing world is, and see if we can follow various trends as they shift year by year.

Of course, for a survey like this to be effective, a lot of people need to participate. To get a lot of people, exposure is necessary. To get that exposure, it would help if other testers would participate and spread the word.

Therefore, I feel it my duty and privilege to be part of drawing attention to this initiative, and I’m going to ask all of my tester friends out there to do likewise and take part in this survey.

Great, dude, I’m in… what survey?


Joel is planning on posting the survey (you can be added to the email notification list via the link above) by Thursday or Friday, December 4th or 5th. It will be up for about ten days.

So what am I asking?

1. Go to the link and subscribe so that they can contact you when the survey goes live.
2. Participate in the survey and give you honest feedback.
3. Make a point to tell as many testers as you can to likewise participate in the survey.

Tired of others telling you what testing is like and what the issues surrounding it are? Would you like to contribute in this endeavor and make your voice heard? Then by all means, please do, and tell other testers about it and get them to participate. Knowledge is power, after all :).