In this blog post you will read about my experience on BBST foundations course. More information about course could be found here. I successfully completed the course.

Why is this better than ISTQB?

I have not taken ISTQB foundations certification exam, but one of my college did and he explained to me his experience. I also skimmed through the exam preparation book. Certification exam consists of 40 multiply choice questions and it is time limited. BBST foundations course also has multiply question quizzes after every lesson, but only for learning purpose. You read lecture readings, watch lecture videos and answer quiz questions using open book technique. Multiply answers are possible. When you found out quiz results, you can discuss and question those answers with teachers and other participants.
One example:
ISQTB: “Give the most RIGHT answer”
BBST: Question has two answers that are true, but by carefully reading the question, you will separate the right answer in the question scope.


All course materials are publicly available. I read all recommended and required readings.

Time is on my side

Course duration is four weeks. Every week has two deadlines. So forget about “I will catch up on weekend.” This time management will not work. Your work must be evenly distributed across whole week. Despite my preparation, in first two weeks I spent 4 hours per day. Later in course, I learned how to better manage my time. This course is based on collaboration with other participants. You will have to provide input in order that your group completes some assignments. Which means that you will have to make some sacrifice. If you are not prepare for that, please do not start this course for the sake of respect towards the other participants that would be ready to make such a sacrifice.

What I learned

This is online course and I have never met with such a learning experience. Something like “Enders Game“. You are doing lesson assignments but actually you are doing your final exam. By taking this course, you will learn how to better manage your limited testing time and will sharpen your skill how to put your thoughts in written form. And “few” things about testing. Good luck!