For those who read this and are residents here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are software testers specifically, this post is for you. If you don’t live in the Bay Area, but know software testers (or otherwise interested parties) that do live in the Bay Area, then this post is for you, too!

Curtis Stehrenberg and I have gone back and forth over the past couple of years to see if we could find ways to engage the broader Bay Area software testing community, and to that end, we created the Bay Area Software Testers (BAST) group on LinkedIn. Now, thanks to a fortuitous visit from Software Testing Club‘s Rosie Sherry to San Francisco (and a prod by Josh Meier via Twitter that we Bay Area folks should do something while Rosie was in town), Curtis and I decided it would be fun to hold a Meetup while she was here. More to the point, we decided that this Meet-Up would be a great opportunity to launch the BAST Meetup. So that’s what we are doing :).

First things first. Curtis works at The Climate Corporation, and they have graciously offered to provide the space for this Meetup. They have also stated that they would spring for dinner and drinks if we could get a large enough RSVP list. Yes, I am appealing to all TESTHEAD readers! If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and can come out to our first Meetup, we would love to have you there. If you know software testers in the Bay Area, please get this notice to them to join the BAST Meetup group, and more to the point, come out and join us.

Details for the event are below, please RSVP on the Meet-Up site.

Software Testing Club in San Francisco
Monday, October 28, 2013, 6:00 PM

The Climate Corporation
201 3rd Street #1100, San Francisco, CA (cross street Howard)

Rosie Sherry, the founder of London’s wildly popular and now infamous Software Testing Club, is in town! It’s last minute but we thought this might be the perfect opportunity to officially launch the Bay Area Software Testers (BAST) Meet-Up group. Either myself or Michael Larsen ( or both will be giving a lightning talk on a subject to be announced at the event.

If we get enough RSVPs by the morning of the event, our hosts have graciously agreed to kick in for beer and wine. If we get a bunch of people showing up I’ve also heard dinner might be provided as well! If that doesn’t work out we’re planning on adjourning next door to the Thirsty Bear for drinks and socializing.

Michael assures me they have been warned (and yes, they have been 🙂 ).