This blog post is about my notes on slide set for BBST Foundations lecture 6: Measurement.
In reading Michael Bolton (2007),What Counts?, Michael explains trap in test counting measurement. If you want to take into discussion about measurement in software testing with Michael, you need to read Michael Bolton (2009), “Meaningful Metrics” as a requirement.
Reading Doug Hoffman (2000), “The Darker Side of 
Software Metrics”, explains some popular testing metrics traps. My favourite are side effects of metrics (Wally will buy himself a minivan by writting a lot of bugs).
Cem Kaner and Walter P. Bond (2004), in “Software engineering metrics: What do they measure and how do we know?” answers the question: How do you know that you
are measuring what you think you are measuring?
Erik Simmons (2000), “When Will We Be Done Testing? Software Defect Arrival Modelling with the Weibull Distribution”, gives example of applying Weibull distribution on three different projects.
As a software tester, you have to measure software value to relevant stakeholders.